Repair car radiators
How to make a noise insulation VAZ 2105 with his own hands


Presence of both wheel, though, in principle, it is implied, because the gasoline models, diesel shows itself even more nastoychivo. Your car speakers omit the wheel bolts, raise music and, of course.

Power bumper with his own hands
LED optics with their hands
We repair tires with their hands
Tuning Niwa with his own hands
Refinement of the WHA in 2121 for driving on the road
Soundproofing a car
Restoration of motor drives.
Soundproofing doors with their hands
Tuning the car with his hands
Repair sink with his hands
Daewoo Lanos Tuning Salon with his own hands

The radiator coolant level outer cylinder, a piston working surface were absolutely they have no soundproofing, and miss the noise and the sound.

02.06.2012   Tinted rear lights with their own hands
Every owner of a car, sooner or later confronted with an overwhelming desire to change something in his car. Often the choice of stops on the fact that the cheapest will be. Tinted rear lights - this is cheap and obvious. And moreover, this procedure is very easy to hold even at home, limited ...
15.05.2012   Installation of car audio with their own hands
There is fairly widespread, but at the same time not received confirmation of the practice of the opinion that the sound of a car may not sound good. And in fact, that you can hear, having at its disposal only a tape recorder and a couple of columns? You can go two ways - to replace car audio ...
08.05.2012   Soundproofing a car with his hands Chevrolet Lacetti
As everyone knows the owner of the vehicle Chevrolet Lacetti, that the rear end is bad soundproof, the designers did not account for the development of this factor. Also, poor insulation in the wheel arches. In winter, when you travel, you hear the snow and ice chips, beating on the wheel arch. ...
11.06.2012   Soundproofing VAZ 2110 with his own hands
When buying a new car cheap car owners often add sound insulation value of the car. In any car, there are many sources of noise. Even in the car business class sound insulation is not always enough. In such cases, car owners of domestic cars is always unhappy lack of sound insulation ...
25.04.2012   Navigation lights the car with his hands
Navigation lights the car with his hands Installation of navigation lights on the car today is much simplified by the fact that these lights you can buy in any store. Detailed instructions on the manufacturer and an installation kit allows you to install running lights on their own, without leaving the garage and having a minimum set ...
05.04.2012   Chevrolet Niva, tuning off-road
In our time, tuning Chevrolet Niva off-road, it is not uncommon. Many drivers these cars have long been made tunings. And on their personal experience, many other drivers, too, decided protyuningovat your car. It should be noted that this car is very reliable and have high permeability. The ...
11.05.2012   Tuning Niwa with his own hands
If you really decided to start tuning Niva own hands, on their own and, of course, the mind, then you are a person who needs or just a great desire to differ from the mass of drivers. Tuning the same can not be, unless of course it is not your decision, but if you want to do the same tuning of ...
08.06.2012   VAZ 21093 Tuning Salon with his own hands
A distinctive feature of domestic cars has become featureless interior. Shop VAZ 21093 is no exception. Devoid of individuality standard instrument panel, close the driver's seat and the poor quality trim materials 21,093, the owner of this car suggest the idea to produce interior tuning their own ...
29.04.2012   Set the alarm on its own
In this article you will learn how to set the alarm on your VAZ Body repair their own hands 21093. To set the alarm will take a pretty good "Alligator LX-550". To go directly to its installation you need to decide that we need to do. issue this as a list: -clamps, cable ties made from ...
12.05.2012   Tuning the hands VAZ 2114
Tuning the hands VAZ 2114 Car owners often come to mind to do tuning cars for different reasons: either it is damaged or aging of the body, or simply courage, the desire to be visible on doroge. Tuning - making various changes to the car, which will distinguish it from the factory. Well to make changes in domestic ... - copyright 2009-2012